Part of what I want to do with the blog is to share projects and hopefully inspire you to get creative.  You can make these too! Try these little jammies pants!

Easy for a beginner and a quick fun project for the experienced.

ANYONE who has children knows one day clothing fit and the next day they magically do not!  Amazing!  For me, the combination of a leggy six-year-old along with the hurricane rains blowing outside inspired a little sewing therapy here today!  In this case it was to replenish the EVER shrinking supply of pajamas around here.  Image

There are a TON of pajama pant tutorials on the Internet and Pinterest.  Here is one that is the closest to what I did but I did elastic for the waistband.  Easy-peasy.

It’s a quick and satisfying project for the time crunched crafter (aka mommy).  I made a pair in about a half hour or so.  Of course, I can’t just make one so I made four instead. (Pictures of the others coming soon)
 How cute would it be to make matching/coordinating Jammie’s for Christmas morning?   Or for gifts!  I even made a little cloud pillow out of left overs of one of the fabrics for a bed time snuggle.
Fabrics from the pajamas I made can be found here and here. Or pick your own here.
Have fun and get creative since they are Jammies be brave!
Happy sewing.

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